I Done Bought Me a SSF!

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  1. I ain't no SSF virgin no more. I gots me one!
  2. nkhoi


    which one, don't spare the detail
  3. I bought a QLGC February at $33.25
    Then I sold a QLGC March at $33.60

    So now I'm market neutral with a profit of $32, and maintenance margin of $170 total for the pair

    Really not sure what to do next, but being market neutral gives me the luxury of doing nothing, and it's liberating!
  4. cheeks


    how volume are the QLGC futures doing?
  5. Volume so far for today:

    February: 13
    March: 21
    April: 40
  6. I bought back the March contract, so now my maintenance margin is $664, but I made $33 (after commissions) on the March contract.

    Volume now:

    February: 13
    March: 22
    April: 40
  7. Bought a second February contract at $33.00

    Maintenance margin $1,320 (2 February contracts)


    February: 15
    March: 22
    April: 40
  8. Best of all, no PDT rules! :)p S.E.C. :p)
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    same with emini, no rule
  10. Yup. But of course, e-mini is e-mini. With SSF we can trade any specific stock, with no stinkin PDT rule!

    With my current account level also I could not trade more than one e-mini. No scaling in and out, and no "market neutral" strategy.
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