I do not watch TV/news etc.. when trading.

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  1. Distracting and not conductive to good trading. Why would anyone want to hear all that noise and those pundits flapping their lips.

    I prefer to listen to good ambient music, and just focus at the task at hand, work out the details paper,4color bic pen and notes + trusty old calculator.

    who else here keeps the tv and noise out of the trading office?
  2. olias


    I like trance music when trading. It's like ambient music with a beat.
  3. Music is about as good as medication for me: Listening to music, particularly on headphones (even in a quiet environment), seriously increases my ability to focus.

    TV off, low, or on mute, most of the time - save for times surrounding exceptional market movements.
  4. I listen to bear biased Bloomberg radio via the internet, since I'm not from Nueva York.
  6. I don't watch news, the tape, the stocks Im trading or anything else.

    I trade with the monitor turned off and the keyboard disconnected.

    Doesn't everyone?
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    Judging from the posts I see I think you are right! Many ET'ers must trade with their monitors turned off and they are probably fortunate to do so.

    I like to trade with everything on. TV, browser, email, phones, barking dog, lawnmower, fan, air, heat, sprinklers, fireplace, car. I like to hear the "white noise".

  8. I've been showing up at the office pretty early lately (6:30 or so CDT) and it seems that squawk box is ok to watch, esp if they have a good guest on. But as soon as that fat assed blow hard comes on a half hour before the open, click. Quiet the rest of the day except for the occasional online talk radio around lunch time.
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    I listen to music as well. No more cnbc, bloomberg, or squawk
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