I do believe the market is going much lower

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  1. Lets look at the year 2000 SPY and how it did its dance.
  2. Next lets look at today's chart. Folks, that 50 and 200 do not cross very often. It appears right now they are about to cross. Look at my last chart in which the SPY did its dance before plunging into the abyss.

    The bear market is here, its right now, no denying it. We go lower in 2008!!!
  3. You will notice that most of threads started like this will get their share of "not another person convinced they know what will happen" or "yea, or it might go up or it might go down or it might go sideways."

    And they are right
  4. LT701


    spx 50 has already crossed the 200

    i think spx is more valid than spy, an instrument based on spx

    20 is below the 50 which is below the 200

    that has only been true twice in the bull, for only a couple of weeks at a time

    number of days in the entire bull market the open and close daily range has been completely below the 20, with 20 below the 50, and the 50 below the 200?


    july 22, 2006


    today - during a 'santa clause' rally