I did watch my first "Salah" or Prayer of Friday in Al tahir, Egypt

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  1. I cried. It was mind-blowing ! Bigger than anything that I had ever seen. When the guy started to cry too it was more emotional... whoooaaaaaaaa !!! And then all the crowd as one wake up and cried of joy... And all of this with the most powerfull and consice text ever : Allaouakbar !

    I will never see the world the same... Now I understand, and know why some people are against Islam...

    Thank you to all that have made this moment possible.

    (p.s. special thanks to Aljazeera)
  2. So this friday, I was ready to watch... so first big dissappointment, nearly all the news coverage switch of subject during the prayer... they were all speaking about egypt, but just for the time of the prayer no feed !!! Aljazeera Mubasher came to my rescuse... hard to find in the thousands of feeds :D



    However as great as this picture look I was a little bit dissappointed this time. Why did the imam needed a stage to lead the prayer ? The last time he was at the same level as everyone. Secondly do you know what happened to the first imam. I am not sure but I did heard that he had to be replaced. In fact to find Aljazeera Mubasher I didn0t follow this part :D.
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  4. You understand that some people are against Islam because Muslims just want to pray? Your words, or lack thereof, contribute to why people don't understand you.

    I'm against Islam because they want to kill infidels (non-believers), allow for the beating of their wives, deny the Holocaust and 9/11, etc etc.

    Christians and Jews just want to live in peace.

    The revolution of Egypt is not complete until we know they won't be another Iran, the Suez Canal remains unrestricted, and Israel does not become the enemy of Egypt. [​IMG]

  5. How about their treatment of women and intolerance to gays, religious intolerance, apostasy laws, dhimmi status of the infidels and generally backward nature of the religion (Mohammad was the last prophet and whatever he said and believed in in the 7th century should still be the law in the 21st century). And lest we forget that while Muslim fundamentalists and terrorists are indeed a relatively small fraction of the Muslim world they do enjoy wide-spread tacit and often explicit support of the "moderate" Arab/Muslim street.

    The list of course is not complete but there is a reason why their contribution to humanity has been virtually non-existent in the last millennium.
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    I only wanted to mention behaviours that are mostly unique to their religion at this time, not acts that all religions have been guilty of at various times. So, their suicide bombers, and (for some) their dogma even when just arriving in a new country, per the news clip.

    Of course we could go on and on about the atrocities that have been committed by the atheists, the bible thumpers, your beloved beanie-cappers, and the ragheads. My point was to temper the OP's elevation of a religion based on one, personal transcendent experience.
  7. I can't stand this leftist mentality of allowing the current generation to do atrocities just because their ancestors were the victims of atrocities.

    The current generation owes nothing to descendants of past victims. [​IMG]
  8. Well, let me then just rephrase it in line with what you just said: Islam is disliked because it is stuck in the 7th century, it promotes and is engaged in the savage medieval behavior. Islam today is engaged in the same despicable activities that other religions were engaged in a millennium ago and the western world finds it disgusting and appalling. Happy now? :)

  9. The first Imam fainted...
  10. And Judaism is disliked because it is a blood sucking religion, deceptive and conniving. Matter of fact, this is why you weren’t liked and still not liked.
    Judaism today is still engaged in swindling the wealth from everyone while intimidating the same people who got swindled. Jews clean the US out almost 9 million dollars a day yet no one dares confront them.

    And to keep people busy and unaware of their fraud, they distract people with the thread of Islam.
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