I demand to know why ahk/allen's journal was deleted!

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by Geoff36, May 28, 2008.

  1. Geoff36


    Allen don't let them make you bow out like that.

    They are just fuel to the trading jet engine. You never let it stop you before, don't let those miserable idiots stop you now!

    I am a single mother and because of you I have been able to do well for myself.

    I offer you a toast of grey goose with lemon as I raise my glass to you. I cannot believe the moderators let these trolling maniacs influence them to shut the journal down.
  2. Magna

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    I appreciate that you registered last month, have a total of 9 posts at this time and are making demands, nevertheless I'll do my best to accommodate you.

    Firstly, his thread was not deleted as the title of this thread suggests, it was simply closed. allenhobbs has an ongoing contentious relationship with a number of members which he fuels by provocative, often attacking and abusive posts, adopting a number of aliases, and a continual disregard for ET's Member Conduct Rules. This is not to excuse his detractors as they fuel the fires too. But allenhobbs frequently posts in a manner that antagonizes and provokes others, begging for a fight, and despite repeated warnings and pleadings can't seem to help himself. He also ignores repeated warnings to stop adopting new aliases in violation of ET policy, and in that regard can't seem to help himself either. Enough was enough, as this latest so-called journal was going nowhere and, in part due to his continued use of multiple aliases, was becoming a mess requiring constant attention.

    I am glad that because of him you have been able to do well for yourself. In that regard I direct you back to his true journal...
    Taking $5K to $250K by year end

    By the way, that journal also needed to be eventually closed for similar reasons, and in my post there I ended it with, "...so please remember ET's policy of one alias or bye-bye." allenhobbs, and his most recent multiple alias of blackdog ignored that warning too, and that is why he is gone and his latest thread is closed.
  3. Thanks Magna. This is how moderation is supposed to work.

    There is something to be said about free speech and posting one's opinion, however, Allen Hobbs and everyone else that surrounded him were really trying to cause riots taking the board seriously off-topic and causing discomfort for everyone else.
  4. ramora


    Why the selective application of the one alias policy?

    There is no doubt this is a Jack Hershey post who has been banned many times and has many screennames.

    I have no time or desire to join the many JH critics but ET deserves all of the daily critics posts to balance the endless BS from Hershey.

    Moderators, how about enforcing the one alias policy for all members.

    Good posting to the JH critics. 'Alias up and post again!!!'
  5. Good comeback :D
  6. LOL, I guarantee this brown noser who also signed up last month has multiple alias's. Been here a few weeks and already knows everything. Magna, give me the pricks address and the next alias he creates will get the response of 20,000 lbs of Detroit steel crashing through the fun room adjoining his parents bedroom.

    Rennick out:cool:
  7. Rennick,

    Magna has closed quite a few of your threads due to you advertising the closingtrends.com website. You are sure one to talk.

  8. [​IMG]
  9. Magna

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    Thanks for the heads-up, it has been taken care of and cd23 is no more. I don't do "selective application" but at the same time I'm not always aware of someone using multiple aliases, especially if they don't tend to post in the Journals forum. Many members help me out by sending PM's and pointing to what they think might be multiple aliases, so thanks again.
  10. Magna, how about tackling the Hedgefundtrader2/stock_trad3r/Day7793/etc/etc multiple, abusive aliases?

    If there are any threads that bring down the board, are inflammatory, and abusive, it's his.

    Check out the one recently by Hedge that starts out with "Fuck You" to everyone who's ever argued or dissagreed with him. I'll even go find it - happily - if we can get rid of this kid!

    Here it is, in all its glory:


    How is this not the most uncivil, blatant violation of the board rules?

    My sincere thanks goes to any mod who can get rid of this piece of work!
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