I dare you the great bulls to dip buy this one

Discussion in 'Trading' started by laptop, Jan 25, 2007.

  1. laptop


    yeah buy, buy now at the top :p
  2. funny,

    all the crowd going bull and euphoric.

    ES -16 next day.

  3. laptop


    I certainly wasn't the one writing GO GO 100% up no risk

    hmm... guy on ET called makoda or magoda comes to mind
  4. One reason I tend to take these boards less and less seriously on a daily basis .... hardly even worth coming here for all the BS ... just clouds my mind.

    I wish there were a board for real traders, but apparently this one is overrun by a bunch of plungers that are hoping--not backing up their claims--for a bull market.
  5. lescor


    It's a pretty safe bet that real traders aren't out there spouting off market direction predictions.

    Generally they're trading and don't really care what direction the market goes.
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  6. Big red candle!...any takers..lol
  7. you want balls? ill show you balls... i just bought RACK

    no joke.

    but then again i got massively short the last three days so i can afford it! =)
  8. hels02


    I bought at 2pm... while it's 2 pennies lower now, I would hardly call it a bath.

    We'll see if I can get out with some profit by Monday close. I'm not a daytrader, so the only way I can lose is if it never bounces even once over the next week. Not very likely, although anything's possible of course. We will see.
  9. Balls?

    I just bought every Cramer long pick. That oughta show how tuff I am! :D

    Nah, I'm not (despite indications to the contrary) quite that dumb, but my auto systems are buying a few right now.

    And they'll buy a few tomorrow, and the next day...whenever it makes sense IOW.

    Good trading to all. :cool:
  10. Bowgett


    Sorry but I will not buy this dip :) I actually looking for shorts.
    #10     Jan 25, 2007