i currently have a direct link to god. ask me anything.

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Gordon Gekko, May 18, 2004.

  1. i have the connection. ask me anything and i will give you the answer.
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  2. Why did you make Gordon Gekko so stupid?
  3. god says: if you are referring to the mastermind behind "Gordon Gekko" the ET member, he is not stupid.
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  4. Is Jesus the son of God and/or God in man-form?
  5. god says: no, that is absolutely false and not even close.
  6. Does god possess the ability to creat a rock that he can not hold up?
  7. Hey God, you're either an an asshole sadist, or nonexistent.

    Which one is it?
  8. Will today be the day I finally learn to take of smoothly in a manual? *fingers crossed*
  9. Where does bellybutton fluff come from?
  10. mind


    i like this famous question.

    my answer: god can do both.

    now the other way round: how do you interpret this answer?

    the real thing behind this is that at the level of god the difference between and ability and inability has dissolved.
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