I could've been a Dentist, a Doctor, a Nurse but no I took wrong path, trading

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by Anti-Hurst, Dec 24, 2008.

  1. I woke up

    I saw the stock market

    I said, I am very smart I can figure it out and be a rich man

    Now I have a 10 k IB account and wasted youth :D
  2. Joab



    Many a man has found themselves seduced by this harlet.

    It's not too late get out while your still younger then 40. :)
  3. I just love the way you put that and I am Canadian too :)
  4. I blame people like Gnome and Maestro and other successful ones

    they tricked us by showing its possible

    but they didn't tell us the odds

  5. gnome appears way too stupid to be making much money trading. He probably falls in the 40K a year range.

    he has stated his wife is a doctor. which means good income for investment property and longer term equity investments.
  6. you have NO idea do you

    gnome is 10 mil heavy, all his own, no clients

    he started wondering about trading, before you and me were even born :eek:
  7. Got news for you Bucko... I'm a former US Investing Champion... real money, results posted in Barrons and IBD.

    I wouldn't consider $40K a good WEEK. Come to think of it, not even a good DAY!

    You think I'm stupid because I see through the NObama lies? You should be so stupid...
  8. Brandonf

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    Not to bring politics out of the political thread, but I always find it interesting how "open minded" democrats tend to be the most closed minded and quick to judge of anyone out there.
  9. in essence Gnome and those like him use their success to make me come into the game

    and then they fleece me

    Gnome I will send you my 10 k by wire transfer so you don't have to take it from me in the market

    its faster this way
  10. I can't be taking money from you... I pretty much stick to only the really obvious plays. Surely you're smart enough not to be on the wrong side of those? :D

    If hope is what you want... I started my investing career in 1979 with $25/month bank draft into the Templeton Growth mutual fund... I still remember writing the check.
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