I constantly fear that something will shut down the Market, psychological problem

Discussion in 'Psychology' started by 2012, Apr 26, 2009.

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    so much so that I research new ways of trading on thin third world markets just in case I have to trade them
    I fear someone will take the market away from me,
    How do I combat this problem
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    I fear the day trader tax filed by Rep Defazio (D-OR) .. the threat is real but somewhat unlikely.
  4. Buy a seat on the Multi Commodity Exchange of india and and hold a core position in turmeric futures.
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    Even with Wall Street in shambles the US is still the financial capital of the world. If the US wants to get tossed of this thrown they will pass the transaction tax. Interpretation: Highly unlikely.

  6. I had fears a little over a year ago after I started making some disturbing money that the market is so east that it can't continue giving it away.

    Then in the beginning of March I again had true fears that the market was on the brink of crashing... I mean complete chaos exchange shutdowns etc and that all the rules were going to change and it would mess up natural market behavior.

    I then also thought I may have to start trading shady thin third world markets. I soon realized the S&P 500 has been trading like a Canadian pink sheet penny stock since October and then money still comes in.

    Bottom line markets will NEVER change... EVER. You can take that to the bank. Greed and fear will run supreme. I even believe if the majority money flows are someday being controlled by algos that the market would still appear to act the same and the action would mimic greed and fear... even though programs are neither greedy nor fearful.
  7. Bottom line.........FEAR kills........your attitude, performance, and psychological capabilities! Get empowered, get confident, and get EXCITED, that you have FULL CONTROL over your own attitude and direction......steamroller any negatives that get in your way! :cool:
  8. you have to trade alittle longer flipflopper, the early 90's was way diffrent, then the late 90's, as was teh early part of this decade, compared to now. You just have to adapt. when i was trading back in the 90's it was like the stoneage compared to now.