I confess, I blew out

Discussion in 'Trading' started by lundy, Nov 19, 2002.

  1. lundy


    Misuse of leverage, bad money management, it was a number of things. I may start over, I may not.

    But that isn't really that important to me. What is important is that I got my friends involved, and when I couldn't tell them I blew out, I lied, deceived them.

    Theres a lot of lessons to be learned, and a lot of changes I have to and am going thru.

    I will share them here as I have time between work, paying off debts, etc.
  2. you can always pick up religion, talk to thunderbolt, he'll set you straight. :D

    Sorry to hear bud. If you learned from the mistakes it was not for nothing
  3. Aaron


    You were trading hundreds of NQ's and ES's at a time, weren't you, Lundy? That must have been a lot of money you fed the beast, hey?

    I'm looking forward to your lessons. You can learn a heck of a lot more about yourself and trading in times of crisis than in times of bounty.
  4. Rigel


    Would be interested in hearing what you learned. :) Others probably would be too. IMO one of the first things most traders and investors learn, usually the hard way (I did), is that it isn't wise to "go for it".
  5. Wow Lundy,

    If you've got the character to suck it up and tell the world here, you've got the character to make a COMEBACK!

    Thanks in advance for your story, and I'm looking forward to hearing it,
  6. qdz


    Are only expensive stories appreciated? Or are little stories as cheap as mine also appreciated? I can also tell stories to show my appreciation when listening to others'. Thank you.

  7. Lundy's made a complete fool of himself with his bottom calling. The bad part is someone like him comes on with all this hype and some people actually think he's a great trader and seriously consider 'buying the bottom'. Remember all his bragging about how he's such a great trader? O boy. And he's not the only one on ET like that.
  8. js1257


    When you realized that what YOU WERE DOING WAS A LIE why didn't you stop and realize that you should stop??? You and only you knew what you were doing. What the fuck??? You are not perfect or are you??? Who do you really think you are?? You may have lied to your , you sucked em in friends, but when WHEN DID YOU REALIZE THAT MAYBE just maybe you should be HONEST??? HOW MUCH DID YOU SUCK YOUR FRIENDS IN FOR??? EXACTLY HOW MUCH DID YOU LOSE OF YOUR OWN MONEY AND HOW MUCH OF YOUR FRIENDS???
  9. Your story is considered whining. You are told to stop whining and borrow money from friends so that you will have $25,000 so you can daytrade.
    This is how you are encouraged to engage in risky behavior by a rule that claims to be trying to protect you from exposure to risk.
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