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  1. Anyone use the I Ching? Kind of hard to use it for scalping. Thinking about using it to determine whether to raise or lower position size for the day. But it takes 3 coins instead of the one I'm using now, so already that's a 2 cent hit on my trading capital.
  2. hahahahhaha :D :p

    I must say Profitseer, 95% of your posts come off as worthless jibber-jabber to me, but then every great once in awhile you put a smile on my face or post something that gets me thinkin...

    PEACE and good-trading,
  3. I wasn't ready to ask about position sizing, so I asked for a general trading sort of deal. Here's some of what it told me.

    1. I have great enthusiasm for trading which is contagious.
    2. Pounce on an opportunity when it looks good.
    3. Don't get carried away with the ups and downs.
    4. Don't separate trading from my life. Trading is my life.
    5. Use my brain and intuition will follow.
    6. I need to get out more.

    Funny thing, then the phone rang and someone asked me if I wanted to go out to a Burmese restaurant. There was no hesitation, I just said yes, I need to get out more.
  4. once, a long long time ago, a friend cast the runes for me. what she interpreted was amazingly accurate concerning future events. intuition, luck, tapping into the gian mind ??? whatever it was uncanny and fun !

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  5. MS,

    You have never read?
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    I Ching? Kinda like Qui Gong? I'm not sure but doesn't it mean mind in Chinese?

    Ahhh well...
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    OK... I get it... I read most of the Asian Mystism in Japanese so I didn't have the Chinese word for it. It's called Eki-kyou in Japanese. Same Chinese character but different verbally.
  9. I prefer Ka Ching........
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