I challenge y'all to an insult contest.

Discussion in 'Politics' started by bobcathy1, Nov 22, 2003.

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    Well put your worst foot forward and give us some of your best insults. Go ahead, let it fly.
    Piss and moan, bitch and whine.......let it all hang out.
    Let's see what ya got!

    If my dog had a face like your's
    I would shave it's ass and teach it to walk backwards.

    Good god, that woman is uglier than a can full of assholes.

    Beauty may be skin deep,
    but ugly goes right to the bone.
  2. <b>Yidi possasee oopianova yoshika </b>

    I love that. It's Russian for "Go perform fellatio on a drunk porcupine".
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    I say shit and you slide in!

    My favorite Arab insult is
    May the fleas of a thousand camels infest your armpits.
  4. Four years ago I was down at the DMV getting new license tags. A lot of us were talking about the personalized plates that you can get. The lady working there that day said that all the good ones had been take.

    Well I never though that this moment would arrive but it did, so I couldn't help blurting out, "How about YO MAMA?". It cracked everyone up. Don't know if the plate was taken or not.:D
  5. Get off my tit!, I aint your mama
  6. nkhoi


    you must be really, really, really bored out of your mind.
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    Yup, you must be bored out of your tree too nkkoi.:)

    Maybe it will get interesting later when the usual crowd wanders in....:confused:
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    LOL now that's some funny shit right there.
  9. a very old one.

    "Have you got a match".

    "Yes! My ass and your face".
  10. Oh christ, the plebejans are back again - but screw it!

    I had a dictionary of insults a few years back, it covered various instults in 6 or seven languages. It was very interesting learning about other cultures this way:

    The Italians are the kings in this field, definitely! They have the most creative and funniest insults. For example, an elder, ugly looking lady can be titulated as "Regina Elizabeta". Every person educated in English history will know that Queen Elizabeth (I.) died as a virgin :) Or "fabrica bambini" as another expresson for "Bed" is funny as well in my opinion :)

    The French, on the other hand, are very masculine: the overwhelming majority of their swear words covers either homosexual comparisons, threats of doing such or basically just sexual or sexually related acts.

    The Germans have no specific topics; insults can range from topics such as the abdominal area to shitting, but there's no red line basically. Pretty similar to the English I guess.

    Same with the Spanish, although they seem to be biased towards religious symbols; "cago los diez" (instead of dios) or "cago la hostia" are examples of this. No wonder the holy inquisition originated in medieaval Spain - that was the european region which needed it most of all others I guess :)

    And then we have the Turkish speaking people: their swear words are sometimes really really rude; repeating topics are the connection of shit and piss in connection with mouths or noses. Also, as in other cultures, sexual acts are used very deliberately: I can remember on sentence, about 15 words or so, which translated into "I'll fuck you, your father, your mother, your sister, all your family, I'll fuck your entire family tree, everyone from the past and the future".

    It pays off to be open minded, doesn't it :D
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