I can't win in this market

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  1. anyone else having a hard time in this market? I feel like every trade I am in ends up being a loser. When I go long, the market tanks, and when I short, it's always the bottom. I have never been so frustrated. The only thing that I have going is that I am not negative on the month...just flat. However, I think being flat is what is killing me psychologically. I have not had that huge loser. I'll make decent money one day, only to give it away the next. ahhhhhhhhhhhh

    please tell me someone else is struggling this month!
  2. Don't despair. I heard Bernanke had eggs for breakfast this morning and one of the eggs had a double yoke. Good sign.
  3. Welll it happens to every one
    You are lucky that u r FLAT and not in losses
    Learn to be patience and try the best setup you see
    I know it is hard for everry one even me but i am trying to do the same thing
  4. It is a tough market right now. If you are normally profitable consider staying out of the market until it re establishes direction, then trade with the trend, whatever it is.

    Don't trade just to "trade". Trade when the odd's are in your favor.

    Have you considered a short vacation?
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    The stock market is fixed. What is happening to you is not by happenstance but by design. Try this experiment: Short a security - any security, hold it for a few days. I guarantee you that regardless of external market conditions or news related to the security, it will not come down to your entry price. If you get lucky, it might come within a few pennies of your price but not below. In the rarest of circumstances, just for a few fleeting moments it may drop marginally below your entry price but will quickly bounce back and climb rapidly above your price.
  6. only a loser (which this website is full of ) thinks the stock market is 'fixed'

    the stock market is the greatest tool for wealth creation ever invented by man.

    it is also a tool for transference of risk and part of the engine that has created wealth for decades.

    trading is HARD. you are basically competing against other traders. many of them are smarter, better capitalized, and more emotionally sound than you are.

    most traders (vs. investors) lose money.

    if you aren't cut out for trading, then DON'T trade.


    the market necessarily adapts to different trading styles because the market IS the aggregate of all trading styles. therefore, what used to work then will not necessarily work now.

    this aint yer daddy's bull market.

    in the long run (investing) the market is remarkably good at recognizing value.

    investors who are good at that tend to beat the market.

    trading is NOT investing. it's a different paradigm, a different methodology, and has different risks and rewards.

    good traders think in terms of themes, and they are constantly assessing the current market, as well as adapting to it as it adapts to the aggregate.
  7. I'm sorry to say this is completely absurd.

    First of all, the market is mostly based on supply and demand.

    Now, what is this atrocity you post about not being able to profit from shorting a security ?

    Ok I get it, it's a first post joke, right...
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    No joke. Pure wisdom.
  9. I completely agree... I have gone cash today after being stopped out on some positions.

    Wait a week or so... there are many oppoirtunities setting up to go short. Hopefully the market follows through and we get the break...

    You arn't in this for a day to day paycheck are you? No reason to trade like you are ...
  10. I do trade for a living. I am not too worried. I just need to stop losing the money that I make. I do agree that there are some nice setups coming our way, so I am trying to be patient. Today should be interesting, I am going to try and get out of the hole, and once I do I am thinking of just taking off...I haven't had a vacations in quite some time.
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