I can't wait to see Optimus keyboard benefits

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by murty, Jul 18, 2005.

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    Optimus keyboard has all keys lit up with LEDs, all customizable and smartly change as per the application.

    TID (tinyurl id) decd8

    So, we will some day accommodate people who want to trade by looking at BUY, SELL, HOLD keys on the keyboard. Or may be, all keys should change LEDs in sequence to read "WAY TO GO!!" when we profit on a trade!

    NOTE: I have nothing to do with Optimus company
  2. OMG where/when can we buy this thing.....this is the next wave of smart peripherals!

    is there any other news on if it will become an actual product?
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  4. This is an awesome idea...I want one
  5. I read yesterday that it was going to be turned into a real product by the company, and that they've been flooded with requests.

    They estimated mid-2006 as a probable launch-date.
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    That is just too cool. I want one right now!

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    Jackass button is for putting on shorts (against the trend)
  8. :D Nooooo

    Its for Edonkey, a filesharing program that has everythiing and anything you would want (programs that is)
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