I can't wait to see market shut down and all you traders workin menial jobs

Discussion in 'Trading' started by cold, Mar 24, 2008.

  1. cold


    LOL wouldn't it be fun to watch all those traders who take market for granted work and be forced to pick up menial jobs at farms etc
    I bet we would see lot of self inflicted wounds LOL :p
    people wouldn't be able to handle it, if there was an earthquake in 4 years or so and leveled wall st
    what the hell would we do, I don't know a thing about farming :p :p
    days like today were too bloody easy :mad:
    throw me a curve Mr. Market, this is too easy

    ok now I'am leaving ET for real

  2. cold, i love you. you better not leave.
  3. cold


    please tell me you are a hot dirty woman :p
  4. sorry bud, im a dude.

    also lol on earthquake remark. yea, that would be funny, hehe.
  5. cold


    this thread was made to indirectly warn people of earthquake in 4 years, I am braking rules of my sect by posting this, but its the right thing to do

    Yup I am in a sect, betcha you didn't know :)
  6. boring day, only 2 trades and I missed the entry on the second. LOL
  7. yo cold, im short the hell out of market here and could use some support. be a pal and get your sect to short 50,000 spus on the open tomorrow...k, thx bud
  8. S2007S


    fast money is hyping the market up, saying the rally should last ALLLLL WEEEEEK.

  9. I don't know about the OP, but for certain I would find my way into a short. When your trading is unbiased, the only thing that kills you is when the market is not moving... It would be like being stuck in a sailboat in the middle of the ocean without any wind.
  10. I dont know about that. this tiny volume speak so much about going against the direction of the overall trend.
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