I can't wait till Wednesday!

Discussion in 'Trading' started by The Kin, Apr 15, 2008.

  1. Volatility should be off the charts. I don't usually trade stock or futures, but Wednesday is one of the few times when all the stars are aligned for profit (or loss) from big moves.

    Happy Trading.
  2. Your day is here kin.... I'm in a weird mode right now having set the turn date for the correction and the follow through day (today).... things are shaping up almost too perfect. If we really were to put something together today I fear we would lose it all tomorrow... there are quite a few cycle threads suddenly here on ET and someone else projecting a turning point for the market based off charts so perhaps my camp has gotten too crowded. Since I can't face the pain of more losses to my buy and holds from yesteryear, I would then turn to the flat line theory that we go absolutely no where for a long time.... I'm not there yet... there's still 4% upside in my view and so a rally that fades a bit today might be the best medicine-- then if we manage through tomorrows batch of earnings-- we will roar into the weekend and folks start to parson out the financial stocks and stocks that have a direct tie to the consumer away from the stocks selling overseas and they will try to tell us everything is fine which of course it isn't as medical costs and other issues come into play for companies.... ~stoney