I can't tell if this guy is a rapper or trader

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  1. traider


    Is he a trapper?
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  3. Wow, what a smart man he is. He turned 5 dollars into a thousand in 30 days, such a great and wonderful man he is. Why can't anyone else do that?
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  4. Still trying to figure out what he sells. Nothing yet, might be legit check out his workstation setup
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  5. wrbtrader


    In the past two years or maybe since Fortnite started (2017)...I've come across more and more traders / gamers hanging out on Youtube Live, Discord and Twitch to talk about their trading and gaming including live streaming their trading/gaming.

    They don't seem like the typical trader you come across online at a traditional trader forum like Elitetrader.com

    Instead, they are more interested in the gamer persona that the persona as a trader while trying to gather as many followers on social media. Most seem to be forex traders, Emini futures traders and Eurex/Euronext traders.

    I have not come across any stock traders just yet doing the same.

  6. Personally, I can see myself doing that just because it's very boring most of the time. It's a new generation and it's a way of being social. At least IMHO.
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  7. Nobert


    I can rent a lambo, top floor in a skyscraper and few hookers for one day, with €1200~€2000, and make an east europe/Russian style rap vid,

    but i can't find videos of him actually trading.

    I found this, but....What da hell is this :D :

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  8. wrbtrader


    Only thing I don't like about the new generation of gamer/trader personas is that they use too much profanity, gangster like language and too much bragging. :D

    Yah feel me (hilarious)

    Seriously, I was recently in Chicago for the holidays...even the custom guy suddenly changed language when he was checking the passport of some guy ahead of me on our way back to Canada.

    He then switch back to Mr. Formal when I handed him my passport. I felt I was being left out of some kind'uv secret society that only my teenager and youngest understood...both heavy Fortnite gamers.

    Also, recently went to a Hockey game with my youngest. Rap music was played during the warmup. I guess the days of playing Eye of the Tiger by Survivor at the Hockey warmups are long gone. :D

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  9. Looks like he DMs you about a course when you follow him on social media.

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