i cant stop winning

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  1. ... on the simulator. I'm doing playbacks on Ensign's simulator. Incase you are not familiar with it, it allows you to download all ticks for a certain day, and then play the whole back at your chosen speed whenever you want. SimBroker allows you to mark your buys and sells and does account for commissions. I picked days pretty much in sequence, from months like November, December. I do playbacks on 1min ES chart at 6x speed and $5 IB style commissions. I would suppose 6x actual speed would simulate some real-time slippage. It's like I can't stop winning. If I made stupid mistakes during a particular day then it just turns out that I'm not gonna make alotta money on that day and that I will make something like $20 maybe but not lose. Here's my "results" so far: (day totals)
    +10 +292 -115 +25 +142 +115 +15 +65 +220.

    OK, I'm waiting to hear why I'm an idiot/this won't last/I wont be able to make a dime with real $/etc.
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    then all you have to do is pretending you wii be on sim trades tomorrow.
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    When you trade with real money, it's much more psychologically
    difficult. It's difficult to remain in a clear state of mind for hours.
    You may get bored waiting and your mind may wander.
  4. It’s Ok until you try to spend your simulated money.
  5. ....It's kind of like simulated sex....sure it will satisfy you for the moment...but it's no where near as good as the real stuff!!:D
  6. always trust TM_Direct, he IS the "master debator" he speaks from great experiense on the simulated sex thingy:D
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    I have moved from simbroker to live trading and I can say that the simbroker is misleading.

    A printed price is an automatic fill whereas in live trading, you will not be filled automatically (depends on your position in the queue).

    With actual trades, you will also get a slippage of -0.25 to -0.50 with market orders - that will make a difference if you have a tight stop.

  8. Practice makes perfect....that's why I take target practice on your mom......You know, that wasn't a real pearl necklace she was wearing for mother's day....it was simulation i gave her:D
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    I just thought I'd join in the shooting gallery... OOPS... sorry 'bout that Vinny... no pun intended!!!
  10. Don't screw around with TM-Direct, he is my brother, same mom but different father. His father got him a bit abused and messed him up early on. Now he is "taking it all out on our mom".

    The pearl necklace was his mother's day present :(

    so leave him alone, he needs rest and new medication:D
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