i can't stand this ahole

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Gordon Gekko, Dec 24, 2002.

  1. http://www.johnedward.net/

    you've probably seen this ahole on tv before.. john edward. he's the guy who claims he can see dead people. people call him on tv and he says stuff like, "i'm sensing a mary, a molly, a marie, a michelle, a mother.." "does any of this sound familiar?" "she's wearing a white shirt, or a white hat, something white....and she's holding something." "she wants me to tell you to talk to a paul, a peter, a penelope..someone who's name begins with a 'p'..." i'd like to punch that guy in the face......
  2. LOL i agree 100% gordo...this guy is such a fraud, but i guess people believe what they want and are willing to pay their hard-earned cash to a con-man to legitimize their beliefs...

    personally i think it's very sad...not only that this guy cons people out of their $$$, but more so that people believe this putz...
  3. Didn't the TV series "South Park" have an episode that trashed this guy? I seem to recall that one of the characters from the show had a face-off in front of a live audience to prove that Edwards is a fraud but then the character ends up getting praised with attention for his ability to talk to the dead.
  4. The "South Park" episode was hilarious. The one kid kept calling him a douche and John kept crying about how he wasn't one. Spaceship comes down to let John know he was nominated for the "Biggest Douche in the Universe". Great show.


  5. "Mommy, she wants you to know she forgives you and that she loves you. Mommy, do you see the person looking inside the car? She was killed up the street a moment ago. She's very pretty."

    Freaky movie!