I can't sleep, so excited

Discussion in 'Trading' started by pumpanddumper, Jan 16, 2008.

  1. 4:30 AM EST and thinking of the excitement today. These next 3 days will provide so much action in both directions.

    I need to sleep and be well rested. I don't want to go on trading tilt and go all in to the upside tomorrow.

    Helicopter Ben has been haunting my dreams since August. The SOB will cave in probably and cornhole the bears and force mass covering and bottom fishing. God, I might become bull donkey in a few hours.

    The Bear protection team are not in the office. They are celebrating in Vegas with 8-balls and hookers right now. Futures steady and trying to fight back. God, the early 180 reversal is forming. Just open -100 and -10 spooz, I promise to go long and be part of the manipulation higher!:)
  2. It's great to hear you can keep your emotions in check so well :D
  3. I just tried a nap, it didn't work. I am glued to Bloomberg and the computer right now.

    My sleep was distracted by sounds of Helicopters flying over head and money pouring into the market.

    The futures are fighting back. Bear protection team is gone. Bulls are gonna capture the flag today!
  4. candles


    LOL....Obviously a pro!
  5. pumper, I bet you're a losing trader. I've never seen someone so excited about the market when it's going in their direction. It's like you hit the lottery ~ which generally means you lose money in most cases and hit the occassional winner.

    The way you are, even if you make money now, you're just prolonging the inevitable which is blowing out.

    Good luck buddy.
  6. Gluck


    Too funny ! You guys keep me sane :D
    Tighten your belts for tomorrow !!
  7. Yeah, big time loser last year without a doubt. I have gotten better since I don't screw with stocks too much and just the indexes now. Maybe its that I'm off to a great start this year and am excited every day. I actually can't wait to get through the weekend as I look forward to Monday.

    Don't rain on my parade man.:)