I cant short linked in!

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  1. Why not?
  2. hajimow


    please don't. don't buy it either. just watch it
  3. when can I buy puts then?
  4. hajimow


    Much safer than touching the stock. I believe the options should be expensive too.

    I am profitable 10 months out of 12 months in a year and I have been profitable in the last 10 years and I have 15 years of trading experience. I might make money on LNKD but I don't want that profit. Don't trade it.
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    I think the rule is you can't short a stock within a month after the IPO
  6. Locutus


    It's probably in your best interest that you can't short it. Srsly.
  7. I believe it's 60days post IPO to be eligible to short. I'm not 100% positive.
  8. then you should long it
  9. hajimow


    Someone posted that he shorted a boat load of the shares on this thread (It was the third post) and now I see that he removed his post :eek:
  10. Bugs at the porchlight.

    At the risk of coming across as Moses, greed is the denial of risk.

    With shares being brand new, in the clearing process, I would imagine it takes time to hypothicate shares in order to be borrowed.

    Given the type of brokerage the OP probably deals with, I doubt they would let him borrow (assuming ANY were available). Fiduciary responsibilty.

    Fills amidst the initial volatility would interesting.

    I watched a guy in 1998 short EBAY around 30ish. Met margin calls for awhile. Lost 6 figures on that one position. EBAY peaked at about 119 in 2005 pre-split.
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