I can't program...what platform should I use.

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  1. Moptop


    I am trying to get into algo trading. I'm mainly focusing on ETF's at this point. I've started by using Trade Navigator since its language seems relatively easy to learn. I'm concerned though because it seems like it may have some limitations with fully automated trading like position sizing.

    What would be a good platform for me to use. I'm willing to learn some coding. It seems like Amibroker maybe a good option? It also seems like things are trending toward Python, are there any good platforms that use Python?

    Sorry I'm a newb, thanks.
  2. Back up a step and learn "Price Technical Analysis". Then, you can use any platform you want. The "platform" will not make or break you.
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    Take a look at https://www.buildalpha.com/. I have not used it but it seems popular among those who do not know how to code and want to give algo trading a try.
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  4. Most complete strategy language for non programmers is still Easylanguage with good brokerage plateform behind it , is Tradestation. There is nothing better in the market for this combo and if your strategy is not too complicate.

    There are many free softwares, but Tradestation is free only if you use plateform to trade 10,000 shares a month, else you pay $265. Or you can pay $5 per side then plateform is free even you trade once a month or buy 1 share .
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  5. Moptop


    Okay thanks, Tradesation was the other one I was considering along with Amibroker. I'm just not sure how to decide.
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    I'm learning that side of things everyday, but I need something to execute. I don't think it unreasonable to ask for recommendations...its better than having a monkey throw darts right?
  7. El Trado

    El Trado

    Python is easy to learn. So do yourself a favor and skip all the «easier» options that will leave you stranded as soon as you reach the next level and just go for Python.
  8. Grantx


    Have you got any python code framework you're willing to share or discuss?
  9. El Trado

    El Trado

    I am trading with Oanda. They have a great api. However, this guy have made it even better: https://github.com/hootnot/oanda-api-v20 It is even well documented, which is relatively unusual for most gits

    So if you want to see how it works, I would suggest just getting a demoaccount with Oanda, and play around with his scripts. They should work out of the box. Just add your key and account from the demo account, and remember to change environment from live to practice in the code

    If you want to trade something else with another broker, I guess you could still get inspiration here, and then later maybe convert to your use?
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    I found Quantshare easier than Amibroker...
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