I cant lie...

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  1. I can't lie trading can be very stressful and hard at times.. But if you keep on looking at the charts everyday, you will start to see patterns that repeat.. The only thing I can say right now is start looking at the market as one.. Not as buyers and sellers.. Study one chart and one chart only... This will help you recognize patters that repeats better.. The market does two things trend or is in a range.. Study study study...
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    Come on, make a little more effort and you can do it.
  3. "The next thing I say to you will be true...the last thing I said was false."

    - Devo, "Enough Said"
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    :D Show some mercy.
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    aw no way man... you mean all these other pricks in here have been lying to me?

    What a breath of fresh air, someone who tells the truth on the internet.
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    Master Yoda

    Trade with the force, not against.
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    But the right force you to find have. If don't you , account your disappear will.:D
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    there is no try, only trade

    much anger in you, let go of your money
  9. if you just do like that, your profit won't increase any more, so you should have a general view to analisys all the factor that effect to your business
  10. It will increase your awareness of what's going on.. And from there you could start to create a strategy from that..
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