I cant find linux friendly API

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    Im not sure if this is the correct forum,,but any info will be helpful. I have have almost finished developing a "grey box" with analytics, back testing capabilities and a Dom GUI. It has been developed on Mono ported to debian using C^ and .net . The APi being written to uses COM Interop library and requires their proprietary API presence. Is any one doing anything linux. Again any point in the direction of FCM or IB. With an API that is not java or Com dependant would be helpful
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    MBs FIX/Quote API is a TCP protocol, no other dependencies.
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    I just checked it out looks like thats what Im looking . Ive been trading for 15 years I havent even seen the name before , thanks again
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    Rithmic's R | API is a set of C++ libraries. It runs on Linux and Windows. Later this month we expect to release a version that is pure .NET. We also accept orders via FIX 4.2.
  5. DTN IQFeed works perfectly under wine on Ubuntu - including 64bit Ubuntu. The "API" is just a TCP connection with simple messages and is easy to code to. I understand that DTN Nxcore also is fine on Linux.

    InteractiveBrokers TWS also OK on Linux.
  6. Jonathan,

    I took a look at the rithmic web, but I could not find very much information. Could you please give me some idea about the pricing of your service? I know that it depends on the subscribed exchanges/securities, but any number for a base service or any sample price would help to get an idea. Furthermore I like to know if you offer an interface for native C++ and also versions for native 32-bit OS and native 64-bit OS (not a 32-bit version that runs under a 64-bit OS!) ?

  7. YOu will find that the R API is available:

    * Through Zen-Fire (Zen-Fire technically is rithmic in the core - it is not totally the same, but good enough that one can use the Rithmic API on Zen-FIre servers). NOte that Zen-Fire has their own API, but that is a "wrapper" around rithmic.
    * Through supporting brokers.

    Ther are pricing differences (i.e. zen-fire seems to be a lot more expensive than rithmic pure). I am currently in the last stages to open an account for Rithmic access using Vision financial (well, the account is open, we just have an issue with the wire transfer instructions which hopefully we sort out monday). I am getting a price of 10 cents per side for Rithmic, 1000 RT minimum (i.e. minimum RIthmic fee for API is 100 USD per month). All sensible.

    I wont go into more details - lets just say I also got a zen-fire quote from vision and it was some times more expensive ;)
  8. Thanks for your information, already got a PM with more details.

    Thank you anyway.