I Can't Figure it Out!!!!!!!

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  1. For the life of me I just can't seem to get this thing straight and I"m so fed up with it I can't explain it..

    I don't know what is wrong with me but there's something seriously wrong in my head..

    I should quit but can't seem to stop now.. I always feel like I"m so close but just can't keep any consistency..

    Its always the same old story.. start off okay.. have a week or two of profitability and then give it all back and some and have to start over again..

    Sorry but I had to vent and have noone else to share this with..

    Someone please tell me that they struggled for years and finally turned profitable and that it ended up being more than worth the effort.. I"m all out of patience
  2. Been there many times. I dont know what your situation is but mine always came down to not sticking to the plan. If you are sticking to your plan and its not working then the problem is the plan but if you have found something that works and are still losing money your problem is discipline and only you can solve that one.
  3. It's time to go back to basics.


    You absolutely should.

    Review your trading plan - each and every single day. Update it every time the market teaches you something. You plan should include exact details about what causes you to enter and exit the market.

    Having this written plan greatly reduces the amount of thinking you will have to do, which is a huge plus. Don't think. Don't feel. Just trade according to your plan and observe the results.
  4. I know exactly what you mean.. been there before and it sucks...

    Had a system that worked perfectly if I stuck to it and followed it.

    Whenever I tried to force the issue and not follow the system I would end up giving up 4 to 8 weeks worth of profits in 1 or 2 days... suck big time
  5. Its actually quite simple Flashboy,

    I'll tell you exactly why your income perks up for some weeks, goes straight down the others.

    Its because the only time most people make money is when the market goes in one direction without too much chop.

    So those are the time everybodys income perks up

    Then comes the chop weeks,
    Since most people don't understand why its making these movements/ chopping around, they trade it just like a trend day, Lose money for weeks.

    Then after chop comes trend,

    Most people make good money, happy happy!

    Then comes chop
    Most people lose money, :( :(

    So you get a tug of war of make money, lose money, make money, lose money until someone tells you how to start recognizing why the market moves :)
    Like me, I know what to recognize, even though today is a blow up up day, it didn't fit in my system, I don't care if everybody else is making money, its not in my system so I don't trade. I only trade what I know for sure.

    Does this sound familiar?

    Hope it helps!
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    I totally empathize with you. We just started trading about three weeks ago, made about 4 grand, but lost it all and then some this last week. I'm referring to 'we' because my husband does the trading while I'm still an observer trying to learn the basics. Right now we're doing the S&P on Trademaven, but we're considering opening a forex mini account. That is, if my husband doesn't get discouraged and give up all together.

    Sorry I have no valuable advice to offer. We're in the same boat!
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    You can do this - i have traded for just around 12 months and i am now profitable. It isnt necessarily your head : it is probably your techniques - trrading method, risk management and your mental aprroach

  8. back to basics,

    set a very small goal each day, once you have reached that goal quit

    turn off charts, chat, noise

    study, research, build a system, backtest, whatever


    if you have an addictive personality, don't feed the monster
  9. Thanks for the reply.. but if you think what you're going through is frustrating now after just starting out.. wait till after a couple years trading and you're still going through the same agonizing turn of events..
  10. Read Market Wizards. They all had a rough start but eventual got on track. Of course you need the skill, risk management, approach and emotional stability which is all up to you. But even if you have the right skills for trading, it takes time to get it right and get over mistakes.
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