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  1. I thought of something even cooler. Remember how Ripley in the movie Alien communicated with the ship's computer called Mother? She was in a spherical room with an articulated chair in the center, surrounded by displays. Very cool.
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  2. What about the virtural trading setup portrayed in that one wireless company's add? The one where the guy in in the park trading. He's wearing those glasses which function as the display?

    The one I like is the rack o' displays in the movie The Matrix.
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  3. Puffy-
    those "eyepiece" monitors are available. search around for "wearable" computers.... www.xybernaut.com
    not good for trading yet..but maybe soon.

    sitting on the beach, one eye on the market, the other on the ladies :)
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  4. LelandC


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  5. Jay-

    mass multiples are the way to go. however, I completely agree with Baron, look for the ones that support DVI. Also, I own a systems integration firm(6 years running) here in CA. So, I know hardware pretty good you could say. Save your money and buy the best. Don't waste it on 3rd tier brands or stand alones that you can patchwork together.

    here is another site you can consider:



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  6. I just bought 4, 18.1 inch Mitsubishi LCD monitors from CDW. I don't know if I got a deal or not, but paid $799 apiece.

    Because I run an Appian Jeronimo Pro video card, it supports analog hookups as well as the digital. My new computer is going to run the new Appian Rushmore. Can't wait until Monday when it arrives!
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  7. These monitors are VEGA compaitable, and works with ARMS. I also paid about $300 or $400 for a quad stand.
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    could you please do me (us) a huge favor by coming back and reporting how your Appian Rushmore runs digitally on your new LCD's and what OS and motherboard spec you're able to run it on.

    I've had the Rushmore for a few months now, first one has been replaced, and the second one is different (revision number) but both don't work under 2K and XP. Appian suggest that I wait for the next driver update for XP. Read back on my thread on my experience with my first card (which is similar to my problems with the replacement). I hope this issue is specific to my hardware and that you have success with it (so I can go and replace my motherboard if that's the case; system is P4 1.6 512DDR). Thanks for your help in advance.

    Leland, the Dell at 1600x1200 is a great feature and price, but there are no cards I know of today that can run that resolution digitally. Matrox G200MMS will only do 1280x1024. Appian Rushmore, same thing. Even the not yet released Nvidia Quatro2 NVS400 only does sxga. You can run that resolution in analog mode from almost any card these days.

    As to the original poster, I'd go with the 2 monitor higher resolution setup. And if you're not getting any more monitors, you can go out and buy a dual DVI AGP card from Matrox G550, or wait for the Nvidia Quadro NVS200 at the end of the month going for $150 dual digital. Matro is working on new G450x2 and x4MMS models coming in Q2 they say.
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