I cant believe what i just saw today!

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  1. I live in California and i just saw something for the first time today, that I had no seen in YEARS! It was something that I NEVER thought I would ever see again in my lifetime, but i saw it. I drove by a gas station and the price of regular was 1.99!!!

    How exciting! $1.99 gas! For just a short period of time I actually felt like the United States economy would not collapse and everything would keep going as usual or maybe it would be even better than it used to be.

    30 minutes later when i was leaving the grocery store some woman came up to me asking if i could spare any money because she needed to feed her kids.

    So much for that theory...
  2. If gas goes to $1.50 it'll be because we're in a depression and no one's buying anything.

    Don't get used to it; oil's either already bottomed or fixin' to in the near future.
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    look pal, I don't know if you are dumb or not

    but if you think oil will stay low

    then you are dumb :)
  5. Gas buddy says 1.47 in Oklahoma! But CA is an expensive state and to actually see 1.99 at the pump for the first time was pretty exciting. If gas prices stay this low for the next few months, I think I will take road trip across the US in january or february while its still cheap!
  6. No worry of that! Its pretty obvious it wont stay that low too long, in fact i am amazed that it is this low now! Gotta enjoy it while it lasts though and get a good whiff of yesteryear when the world seemed less complicated.
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    It's great to see gas at this price. However, it probably won't last, so I'm enjoying it for now. I wish I could buy a 4500 gallon tanker that gets pulled behind semi trucks, and fill it up! lol!

    On a sad note, I hate to hear of the Woman needing $ to feed her kids. I would venture to say we're going to have much more of this into 09.:(

    I pray for this Country, and the World.
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    Please explain how the future price of gas is "obvious." My guess is you have no clue wtf you're talking about.

  9. Haha...not me! I complain everytime I go to buy gas because between a few hours and the next day, they lower the price another 5 cents, and I'm like...man! i could've saved 60 cents if i just waited to fill up my tank.

    In my Honda, the most i ever paid to fill up the tank was $62.50. Just the other day, i filled up the tank and it cost 27.50. (if i filled up at that 1.99 station, it would've cost me about 25 bucks to fill up) With my luck, if i filled up a 4500 gallon tank at 1.99 prices, by next month, prices would be 1.30 per gallon!
  10. Seriously? Do you even read about the economy? Do you really think a country that produces very little (and will produce even less once the big 3 go out of business) can really con other countries into giving us cheap oil for our worthless paper? Seriously? If you honestly dont know this, you are going to be one of the many people that said "wtf just happened?"

    Im guessing you were one of the people that thought real estate could never go down back in 2006 too. I made money selling my house in mid 2005 and then renting. Did you?

    There are a few of us that see the collapse of the dollar coming. (we are the same ones that saw the housing bubble coming down too) Open your eyes man. Gas will probably go down a bit more, but it aint going to stay there. Not unless some kind of alt. energy comes into play soon. Thats the ONLY way gas prices will stay low.
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