I can test trading in my head, no program needed

Discussion in 'Trading' started by C- kid, May 24, 2008.

  1. C- kid

    C- kid

    Hi, I am 26, been trading since 20

    I have no need for programing and back testing anymore, if I have a trading idea I simply test it in my head

    I've either lost it, or became superhuman due to thousands of hours of screen time.

    anyone else out there being a trading "mage" :D
  2. Please finish the story about living under the brigde..
  3. maxpi


    You should hang with the guys at the coffee shop in the desert, they know things about UFO's and the Great Pyramid too...

    actually, I know what you're saying, I have lots of bad ideas and I always know they are bad before I pull up a chart... if you get any good ideas maybe you could pass them on to me btw... I could use them...
  4. Joab


    Tesla could actually do this :)

    The short answer is that I can do the same thing but not to the extent of statistics but more to the effect of being able to tell you whether or not a system will actually work and why or why not.
  5. sg20


    I can tell that you're a problem solver and you're absolutely going to be a good trader; you can actually solve a problem in 5 seconds when others took days to obtain data and back testings. Good work.
  6. ammo


    calling the market is easy,making a living at it is not
  7. epetrov


    Hi C-Kid,
    if I put a trading idea here, can you test the outcome?
  8. C-kid's last trading ideas:

    1) Short stocks with no alphabet in company name. Result: naa, wont work. All co's have at least one of the alphabet.

    2) Long s&p when Bush ratings go higher. Result: naa, won't work. We know how those ratings have been.

    3) Sell massive amount of strangles on last Monday of May." Go Away In May theory." Result: naa, won't work; that's usually Memorial Day.

    :D :D :D
  9. sg20


    It's tough as hell when you have to deal with the market fluctuations and on a moody day you can't even tell which way it's going, given the best market direction.

  10. I can also run the basics of my back-test criteria through my head, and usually do before I code something. However, for running more advanced tests with more extensive calculations, you'd most likely need software, or at the least, something to write on. Even a savant would have trouble running advanced system testing calculations strictly mentally.

    If you can run your back-test mentally, chances are that you need to improve what you consider testing.
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