I can Steal your Edge, I am serious

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by Guile_yes, Aug 5, 2006.

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    What I don’t get is why guys and Gals don’t spend more time developing the so called edge rather then asking for it. Trust your intelligence or get out of the game, for christ’s sake go to Med school and make good money, you don’t have to make money on the markets if that is not your thing.

    Let me be Clear and Clear some more with you people. Although some traders can be successful by simply following good money management.

    Truly profitable traders DO HAVE SECRETS, but there is smart and then there is really smart.

    I for example can with parabolic antenna read what is on the screen of other people as well as sometimes what is on screen in Police Car laptop.

    I also am expert in encryption, (was a hacker as a kid). I mean of course this is not real statistical threat for most of you. But consider for a moment a guy like my being your neighbor.

    Point I am making is, I know how to protect my edge. DO YOU????

    Further more if you think no one is looking think again.
  2. I'm not going to build a Faraday cage any time soon...
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    you have no real edge to protect, its as simple as that Morgan.

    I suspect 80% of people here agree with you
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    My edge probably is 30% of my success and 70% is discipline and risk management. Also a lot of people have my edge, I'm just a tape reader. My real success comes from my ability to follow the 70% to a tee...The bottom line I could give you my edge and you still may not make money.
  5. What is "risk management"? Is this somehow related to rubbing with a rabbit's foot?
  6. Well, I don't think that you can become truly profitable trader by espionaging your neighbours, but you might get to jail for that.

    Profitable trading means allways that you have to do all the work and not anybody else.
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    Holy crap man, you've convinced me. Am working on my bunker - going to wear my tin-foil hat too.
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    buy a tempest proof machine
  9. Just an edge, not the nodes? :D
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    what do you trade? and what do you take for your fits of paranoia?
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