I can see fed cutting rates next week

Discussion in 'Economics' started by silk, Aug 2, 2007.

  1. No chance of a cut. Aint gonna happen.

    As for the dollar being intervened on, come on now.
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  2. Priceless,

    DWL603 says "but anyone with a half a bran (sp) can a)predict the feds move (somewhat)"

    "I will tell you what, in advance i alreay know the markets will most likely sell off since the market is anticipating a cut,"

    There is a zero % probability priced into a rate cut next week.

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  3. Jobs data quite weak, get ready for the rate cut spin to hit full force.

    Now that the market has weakened you can bet on it to get louder an louder.
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  4. i MISINTERPREATED THE QUESTION YOU FAG, i thought he was talking about the next fed meeting and watch my call come true, any time you wanna compare blotters i would be happy to embarass you.

    Yeah typical ET, break out the spelling police as if i give a flying fuck how i spell on an internet forum.

    How about we compare blotters for all of ET to see if you even make money.

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  5. Kingfin2


    Easy does it fellas. Um what do you guys think of the numbers today ?
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  6. I am simply amazed at the number of dumbass's always trying to predict the future. It's like watching monkeys humping a football. :D

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  7. the point is you do not have to predict you just need to know when something is mispriced, too many traders expecting a rate cut on the next fed meeting = almost guaranteed down move since it more than likely is not possible.
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  8. Well guys. At a certain point it just doesnt matter anymore if they cut a quarter or a half. Everyone was warned at the start of the year by major institutions that the Fed needed to cut rates aggressively, however, the warning fell upon deaf ears. Now the mortgage market is collapsing. Huge brokers are collapsing.

    At this point in time, a quarter point wouldnt be helpful. Even a half point wont be helpful. A full point might be helpful.

    I see Ben Bernanke as a fireman that has come too late to the fire. He had a chance to put it out when it was just a small fire, but now its an inferno and Im afraid even huge doses of water wont put it out.
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  9. Fed cuts its rate; oil pop to $95; and there is no way to hide inflation anymore.

    Look at the job number; the salary still just raise by 0.3%; yoy 3.9%; it doesn't connect to raising unemployment rate.
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  10. I agree the fed should not cut rates here - not with the dollar as weak as it is.

    The better move from a policy side (if you want to talk about supporting the economy and ease this housing crash) is a program to enable struggling people to refi their ARMs and subprimes in certain qualified income ranges into fixed rate products with -good -rates.

    Yea its a subsidy and quite a socialist move yada yada yada.

    ... but I say its a more focused way to solve a problem and less destructive to the dollar, in defense of the markets.

    either that or plunge protection team, aka "fat finger orders" from big brokers, er... i mean to support the market.
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