I can prove “Random walk theory” wrong.

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    My research began back in 2005 which stemmed from an idea I saw when looking over stocks on the NYSE and NASDAQ markets. My brother (a database computer programmer) custom built a program to test out this idea. The results certified to us, that stock market direction (from the opening price to the closing price of the day) could be predicted with high probabilities, incorporating this method.

    The results also prove “Random walk theory” is wrong.

    All trades back tested were, buying at the market open, setting a 4% stop loss, and selling on market close.

    Here are the results tested from January 1st 2002 – 27th February 2009.

    2009: 45.75% return (33 days traded), (Probability of profitable days: 72.72%)

    2008: 233.63% return (232 days traded), (Probability of profitable days: 67.24%)

    2007: 96.29% return (208 days traded), (Probability of profitable days: 62.98%)

    2006: 116.87% return (199 days traded), (Probability of profitable days: 68.84%)

    2005: 121.14% return (205 days traded), (Probability of profitable days: 74.14%)

    2004: 87.92% return (202 days traded), (Probability of profitable days: 65.32%)

    2003: 159.21% return (209 days traded), (Probability of profitable days: 69.37%)

    2002: 65.28% return (155 days traded), (Probability of profitable days: 52.25%)

    Total return: 926.1% over 7 years and 2 months.

    The results above are all long trades, when testing the system live, we were getting slippage on the short trades at market open, but when buying (long), we were guaranteed the opening price.
    (Shorting stocks on market open, U.S markets requires a long trade before a short), that is why we were not getting filled at the market open price on short trades.

    All stocks within the system trade 1-7 million in average volume per day and all trade on U.S exchanges.

    Our method goes beyond being a high probability trading system with great returns, it proves random walk theory wrong, and certifies in predicting stock market direction.

    We contacted Google finance last week with a proposal, to prove our research, and are waiting for a reply.

    Any feedback would be much appreciated on how to go about marketing our research and analysis,

  2. This exact same thread appears at least once a month. Always with a new thread starter.

    Are all of you the same person?

    Have you ever succeeded in selling one of your systems here?
  3. You are an illiterate, near sighted, unaware of the probabilities theory, dogmatic, self centered, delusional and dishonest little scam pusher.
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    Funny! whether intentional or not.
  5. Ignore the above; they are only jealous that they do not have a profitable system themselves.

    One place to start publicizing and selling systems is collective2.com.
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    I am not endorsing any product, website, black box or other commercial fluff.
    These are the results, I am flattered by skepticism.
    I am happy if the thread ends here.
    Thank you.
  7. Entry at open? Open prices, at least some of them, are hard to get.
    What is the entry criterion?
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  9. About the only thing you've proven, is that you do not understand what a proof is.

    If you would like to substantiate some of your claims (which are completely false), start by providing the exact data/instruments/stocks for replication, as well as the specific criteria for what qualifies as entry and exit(which was coincidentally avoided in your opening statement).

    I sincerely hope no one is buying this.
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    so trade it then
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