I can predict the future?

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  1. short ES 1132
    stop breakeven
    market dropping big TOMORROW, lets see how this does.

    confidence level=99%


    skill level must have jumped about 200-300% past 3 months, been studying while all u been slacking and argueing like idiots.
  2. i can too.. the future will be much like the past
  3. Lucrum


    Is that all? What a puss.
  4. goiing to take this prediction back.
    and exit the trade with no profits.

    should have taken profit earlier though, now price action looks no good to me. bird in hand is better then flock in cloud.
  5. Bummer I thought we had the next Nostradamus.
  6. You know , Nostradumus hid his ability from the clergy, until well after his demise, and even then....he never accurately predicted jack shit.
  7. MGJ


    Coolweb: I can predict the future
    ET: Why so can I, so can everyone. It's dead easy. What's hard is to predict AND BE CORRECT.

    Henry IV (W. Shakespeare), Part I, Act 3, scene 1:
    Glendower: I can call spirits from the vasty deep.
    Hotspur: Why so can I, so can any man. But will they come when you do call for them?
  8. Nice one MGJ.
  9. gs short 400k 160.
    stop 160.25
  10. stopped!
    needs a little more tinkering
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