I can not trade futures in this enviroment

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by myminitrading, Mar 1, 2007.

  1. I must not be quick enough, its just to stressful, 50 point movies in YM in 90 seconds, to much for me.
  2. empee


    a) smaller size
    b) bigger timeframes
  3. Glad to see someone else feels the same.Right there with ya bro...
    Are they in a fast market btw ?
  4. EPrado


    Come on man !!!!!

    This vol is great......

    trade 1 lots if necessary.....I expect better from you...
  5. I like volatility but this is out of my league. This type of action occurred yesterday, big down draft rally back, drift in a 50 point range for 5 hours. might try trading the range, opps their went a 40 point drop in 10 seconds, forget it, Im going outdoors today.
  6. EPrado


    Is fucking nuts.....but instead of giving up re-adjust. This vol might be around for a while....what are ya gonna do...not trade for weeks?

    Personally..I cut my size down ...and give pos a ton of room..have to...
  7. #1: Tick charts, not time charts

    #2: Prior experience helps. We've been saying for months now this type of action is coming... extreme low volatility IS ALWAYS resolved by extreme high volatility. Shades of 2000 - 2002

    Currently one of my biggest profit days ever... one hour into the cash session. Been banging keys here since 6:30am est.

    I even p**sed out the office back window rather than going across the house to bathroom.

    Too much info, but true story
  8. Your right I should adjust, and just trade support and resistance levels.
  9. EPrado


    The problem is man..they are blasting through levels....so you have to give ample room...

    dont get too bummed out.....this action is NOT easy....especially since the mkt has been asleep for 9 mos.....is a whoe new thing to some people..
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    :D You are my hero.
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