I can NOt follow the Trend

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  1. I've been losing at this game for years by fighting the trend and trading emotionally.

    I decided to start following the trend. Only take trades with it and I just cannot do it. I've had 3 opportunities to get short this morning and keep talking myself out of it cause I'm looking for the reversal.

    I think it's a sickness
  2. when we are in a downward spiral like this and you are inclined to short(and rightly so). its best to short on any bs gap up on strength. i posted about 8 am today that the strength in the futures were a bunch of bull.
  3. Right now there is NO trend, as simple as that.

    Wait for the market to recover, which may happen in october or november, and follow the uptrend. Wait for the trend to become clear. Don't predict.

    Always do some big-picture analysis. Fundamentals/economics don't support a bull or bear market right now.
  4. You are correct about your situation.

    I hope you have collected all your posts form 2003 on and put them in a binder.

    Read them from the present to the first ones. Highlight the breakpoints in orientation by adding a colored sheet as a divider. For example this OP is a good one. the sheet can be labelled "before and after trends" meaning it is another sharp break in your path (not an intellectual one).

    When you get to the beginning and see a lot of colored sheets, then reread chronologically.

    With a piece of cardboard, mark the place where you believe you have accumulated so much garbage in your memory that you feel this stuff cannot be overcome (surrounded by solid information) in your efforts from now on.

    You might look at each wedge of stuff one after the other and try to write down how you can overcome each part by a specific antidote.

    As you will see, it is mostly over for you. Too many wedges, not enough antidotes to surround the past misfortunate turn in the path.

    Finding antidotes is a lot of work. You would have to reason to find the resource containing each one. Then putting all the antidotes together in a package is a formidable task in itself. they probably won't fit anyways since they are antidotes for such a disparate collection of wedges.

    As far as using trends at this point, all they will do is immobilize you every time you dig into your mind for a resort that is uppermost. None of these first resorts that you have assembled and built are useful or of value.

    I monitored you for a few years. I pulled your binder and put it in a filefolder when I stopped monitoring you.

    You are correct in your OP to a "T".
  5. There is ALWAYS a trend, but you have to see him.
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    you may want to set aside just 1 year to really learn how to trade then if thing doesn't work out you can always resume your losing way.

    you can long all you want event in the down trend market as long as you know what market is doing.
  7. Quit overt trading. Hold on to a position for months or weeks at a time. You will probably make more money that way if what you're doing isn't working.
  8. Trends have to be obvious and easy to spot, if not, it's not a trend.

    Trading non-trending markets is dangerous.
  9. apparent trends are observable when charting data from a randomizer---- think you can make money here, by seeing the trend??

    good luck!

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    I may be wrong but overcoming your fears is the key to survival. Trades that have the most profit potential are the most gutwrenching, in my experience atleast, and that seems true opposing a market as well as going with a movement.
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