I can no longer get charts!

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by cashmoney69, Sep 8, 2006.

  1. When ever I make a trade, I copy the charts to my database.

    I got my dual screen set-up up and running yesterday, and now when I do a screen shot, I get the other screen in the screen shot as well. EVEN when I turn off the other monitor I still get the background from the second monitor.

    HOW do i fix this?
  2. jho


    You don't. With Print Screen it does all screens...use screen capture software to only get a selected area.
  3. BCE


    If you hit the ALT key along with PrintScreen this usually just copies the highlighted window. Try that.
  4. jho


    You learn something new everyday. Thanks BCE, that's handy.
  5. I use SnagIt and it's a very useful tool for taking screenshots and editing/adding stuff.

  6. just21


    What stock is that on the chart?
  7. BCE


    And Camtasia works really well for recording videos of the screen actions. :)
  8. nkhoi

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    STEC, it said right on the chart, maybe you were distracted by Halo guy?
  9. Your a genius, i love you man :p .


    the stock in that chart is NVEC
  10. narballs


    there is another program called my screen recorder, that is what i use, very nice program.
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