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  1. Its been some time I have being trading on this site ,I find one think on this site that most of the people like to invest in stocks and they are literally confused about when to buy the stake and when to sell them, may be I can help you.

    Here “Mark My Words” there is a site which I am aware of where you have an option to invest in the stock market and can find result of your investment within minutes of investment and if u gain the return would be 50%more than invested.

    I do swing trading on a few sites one of which is very good, check out my blog Spam Link Removed to see where u can play the market with no mediator in between . Information is updated every second. To know more just check out my blog. Cheers
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  3. I am going to let the secret of trading out to everyone.

    First, turn to CNBC. If they say large caps, then buy small cap. If they buy the small cap, then buy large. If they say foreign, then you go domestic. If Eric Bolling says oil will go higher, then it will go lower. If Cody Willard says buy the techs, then you short the techs.

    I have been watching CNBC everyday straight for the last two years and have just concluded my thesis. I will be opening up the anti-CNBC fund very soon where I will be trading against all of the CNBC news. I plan on achieving the highest return in all of the industry.
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    This really is just too damn funny.:D
  5. Agreed to funny to delete going to chit chat minus the link, I'll let the buzzards peck at it for a while. :D
  6. I've often felt that if you could get a chart of CNBC viewers and overlay it with the SP500, it would have a 100% inverse correlation. More people watching CNBC is the best contrarian indicator available.
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    Wait a minute, I think he may be on to something big........
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  10. Hows Nigeria in the fall bapunagar?

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