I can help all of you easily become millionaire within 1 year

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  1. I thought the people come from secret societies/controllers group was smart, but it turned out they are just bunch of idiots people who cannot recognize the savior Messiah.

    I do not want to talk about money because it is just some piece of paper, but most if not all of you only care about money.

    So I have decided to open and have a dedicated sub for this topic.
    But it is not a normal sub like all the forums you have known so far.

    It is about how to help any of you become a millionaire easily, how can you make money out of life easily.
    It is going to expose the secret of the rich the poor the government, etc.

    It is going to be epic.

    The Savior
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    What garbage !
    We know all the snake oil epic things.

    Please keep your secret recipe to yourself.
    don't disclose to anyone else.

    No No No ! Please don't teach us how to earn a million.
    You yourself go and earn millions of dollars from trading.
    After that, go help the poor people
    with the millions of dollars you earned from trading.
    And that is a good 'savior'.

    What other nicks do you have?
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  3. virtusa


    Start with picking a very weak, cheap currency:https://fxssi.com/top-10-of-the-weakest-world-currencies-in-current-year

    If you take the Venezuelan Bolivar you are already millionaire if you have $3.
    I just checked: I am already a billionaire in VES.

    Venezuelan Sovereign Bolívar rates:
    1 USD = 484,149 VES (US dollar to Venezuelan Sovereign Bolívar).
    1 EUR = 580,799 VES (Euro to Venezuelan Sovereign Bolívar).
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  5. Good1


    Millions are easy if you knew, on a daily basis, on a consistent basis, the direction the S&P 500 is going to go tomorrow, relative to today.

    You could do this no matter what you were trying to save. Depending on what you were trying to save, you would be more or less effective with this approach.

    You are trying to save yourself, along with the rest of humanity, or you are trying to save Christ from what humanity does to Christ (destroys Christ). This is the only choice. For or against.

    I would be more or less inclined to help you (divine tomorrow) or not, depending on your motive. Since you are mentioning the "Messiah", its my impression you are motivated to destroy Christ to save yourself along with a select few of humanity, so im not interested in either helping or learning anything more about tomorrow.

    Christ is not the Messiah, as that is spelled out in Hebrew/Jewish lore.
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    THE SAVIOR disappeared ?!?!?
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    Nothing but, an ET troll. If you wanted to help others, you do not need to be a millionaire to do so. And if you were so smart to make millions easily, what is stopping you from grabbing tens of millions from the stockmarket and doling it out of the less fortunate? Does not pass the smell test because it is utter BS, coming from another ET troll?