I can go months , years, and not break a thing

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  1. broke two pieces of glass today.

    Its an omen, not for me, but for the markets and you.
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    Take a double dose of your Geritol, you'll be fine.
  3. I was having sex with my ex-girlfriend last night, when all of a sudden, a statue fell off her bookcase onto her exercise ball.

    It bounced off the ball and hit into the leg of her desk.

    The leg broke, and her lamp slid off the side as her desk toppled sideways.

    The lamp hit the ground with a shudder, and then the bulb exploded, and shot tiny shards of glass into airbed, which then burst while we were still on it, and we both we blown backward and knocked down her radio.

    As it hit the ground, it mysteriously switched on, and proceeded to play, "Oops, I Did It Again."

    I guess this means a flat market.......:cool:
  4. right again, and again, and yet again.
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    About what?
  6. OK, an actual true story... don't know why this came to mind, but 1005 true.

    Many years ago I was visiting my brother in St. George Utah... I was on one of my honeymoons (don't ask, LOL).... it was Holiday time... and my wife and I had stopped to run our motorcycles... dirt bikes... right from Bob's front yard.. direct to BLM land on the Virgin River. Anyway, they were new to the neighborhood, and had been visited by several young Mormon gentleman a few times.. shared some nice discussions etc.

    Well, one day, my brother's wife invited a few of these young Missionairies to join us for Dinner..... And, they were asked to bless the meal, they promptly did so.

    Right about the "Amen" moment, a very large trophy came crashing to the floor, making a huge racket.... the trophy was won by my brother for winning a big poker tournament, LOL...

    I'm not saying... well, maybe I am... "divine intervention?"

    (Maybe you had to be there, LOL).

  7. Broken glass indicator never wrong.
  8. :D

    It would have been funny if someone called "heads".

    I call "tails".
  9. You know I have a trophy wife.

    It's just too bad that the trophy isn't first place.
  10. Mr. Nutmeg, you always make it worthwhile to come on to Elite Trader, thanks....

    Don :)
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