i can go LONG in a down market-AFAM

Discussion in 'Trading' started by NY_HOOD, Nov 6, 2008.

  1. look at AFAM,look at that chart. this is the kind of stock that will move higher with Obama as president and to add some more icing on the cake,they had very strong earmings. the 52 week high is 51 and change so i may jump on this pre-market if i can get in. i like it to at least 51 today. if i am wrong,i will be a man and jump out quickly with minimal damage.
  2. Corey


    Nothing like being nearly 100% your long term (200 day) moving average ... :eek:

    China was only 50% above the long term average when that bubble came crashing down.

    Beware the high flyers. The long term average is a powerful magnet -- everything eventually reverts too it. I would be very agile in this trade ...
  3. NoDoji


    I agree, and believe it will hit 46 before attempting to move higher.
  4. NY I got nervous with the IBD coverage & bailed on the surface yes it is recession proof. But with so many fans drawn to the name and as one of so few stocks making a high it feels like some momentum that shouldn't be there is in the name.

    Take a look at PRGO, that's a nice health story for a down market. ~ stoney
  5. NoDoji


    OK, I'll eat my hat - it didn't even hit 48 before rebounding!
  6. guys, it worked out to a "T". went right to 51 from 47.75 at the open. i got in at 48.72 and sold at 50.45. everytime i post one of my stock picks i get flamed even though they ALL work out. i only post picks when i feel good about something . thats my way of contributing to this board,. nobody else goes out on a limb with a calculated trade pre-mkt when the futures are getting clobbered and to boot,it was a LONG not a short. who says technicals don't work! i do my homework.
  7. will have to agree, have watched all your calls and you have been right everytime. You find these picks by just scanning and research basically?
  8. yes. nothing magical,just hard work but a keen eye for picks.i have an uncanny ability to pick good trades,not every single day but often enough.