I can give you free TS strategy if you can help me

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  1. Hi,

    My name is Kazumi and I am a part time system developer. I am a full time hedge fund manager and is interested in developing trading systems in forex, index futures, and commodities futures. Recently I have started creating a few systems which I think is reasonalby profitable. However, I am only half way finished as I need to gain feedbacks from other traders. In view of this, I will send out 100 pieces of ELD files for free. I hope this will make me gain more knowledge in developing trading systems. Here are the points I need to emphasize:

    1) This is a Tradestation 8.1 strategy
    2) Cannot discuss the system logic or anything in this forum. You can only discuss the system with me directly. Or else, I will stop sending ELD files to that person in the future.
    3) Whoever interested in receiving free evaluation copy need to provide me an email address, sending directly to kazumihamasaki@yahoo.com


  2. Those people who did receive my system file should say something on this forum and telling people that I am not a spam. Please speak out and tell other people that you have got a decent system.
  3. tomhaden


    To all those saying this is spam, IT IS NOT!

    forexhedger sent me the system. He is just looking for some feedback.
  4. Why don't you have a paid email address instead of a free one.
  5. He probably doesn't want to be spammed to paid email address.
    After getting affiliated with him, see then if you get his reg email address, else seemingly no indication of any concern IMO.
  6. val2006


    To all those saying this is spam, IT IS NOT!

    I received the system. He is just looking for some feedback.
  7. This guy seems legit. Give him a break. You guys can be real jerks sometimes. (But I guess ET is just a microcosm of US society.)
  8. Definitely NOT spam!!!!

    I received the ELD and will be trying to help in testing it...

    Thank you Kazumi:)
  9. I received his system. This isn't spam. He's legitimately looking for feedback.

    It's a bit too long term for my interests (trades off of weekly charts). That may be appropriate for a hedge fund that can sit through decent sized drawdowns, but not for a shorter term trader like me.

    Also, in testing it on shorter time frames, the performance dropped significantly (to negative). Generally, I would look for a system to be robust enough to work on multiple time frames (but not necessarily as well in all timeframes).

    Thanks for sharing Kozumi.
  10. Sandy,

    I choose weekly data in purpose, as I have chosen a noise filter mechanism which can only work for the forex market in weekly data, as these data only available in weekly data. If you change it to daily or shorter time frame, it just does not work that way. The noise filter is based on weekly data. Besides, I chose EUR as the only pair to use for this system is because of its high correlation to the US$ index. EUR accounts for 60% within the US$ index. The system logic is based on the divergence and convergence with the US$.

    Next time, please discuss this direclty to me thru email.
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