I Came Out Here Cuz Of Free Money!

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  1. Now, I've never received food stamps, but can people buy say, McDonalds with them? That would be plain stupid.
  2. Makes the sign "Will work for food' sort of quaint, nostalgic. You have to be a real chump to work for food when you can just fill out a form and get your free money.

    It'd be pretty funny when the people finally made it inside the office they hand out a pack of vegetable seeds.
  3. A family member who made a big score in trading, worked at a food kitchen to "give something back".

    After a few months it was decided that it would be cheaper to deliver pizzas to the needy. And it was. So, he ended up delivering pizza to the needy at their doorstep.

    It's their life's work to produce food at some of these companies. How can you and, say, 500 other people do it better?
  4. I know Papa Murpheys pizza does, but I think maybe thats because its take & bake. I think maybe they cant use food stamps at places where food is cooked.
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    i don't like the free loaders,but the flooding was pretty bad in this area. on other hand..by looking at the people in the line..shit man...90% of them can and SHOULD stay without a food for a month w\o a problem..a line of whales :D

    or how George Carlin put it in one of his epic monologues: "huge piles of redundant protoplasm"
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    Buying a voting demographic with public tax dollars.

    Inciting class warfare as a campaign mantra.

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    "Inciting class warfare as a campaign mantra. - priceless"

    This entire Obama hypocritical class warfare gambit is shallow and desperate and ultimately ineffectual. In the end, it turns everyone off and accomplishes nothing.

    Like his Presidency.
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    distributing food stamps in inverse proportion to % of body fat is a novel type of welfare reform.
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