I called the Market Bullish since early last week.

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  1. And through next week it remains bullish. If you watched my youtube videos(you still can for historical reference on my bullish call) I confidently believe the bulls are driving the markets higher and will continue to.

    Fundamentally speaking, the economy is nearing that perceived recession however the big buyers clearly want to test that by driving the market higher.

    Well, they are succeeding. That home sales report gave buyers even more confidence that we aren't in as bad of shape as we thought.

    Techincally speaking, weak volume until after 12:00 pm when things started picking up by the bulls. I would have been long with a stop a few points below last support and would have had a profit target around 360. 13400 was clearly the new resistance for buyers.
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    Hindsight is 20/20. So you were kinda close to calling a bottom.
    I called the bottom to a T, but you don't see me pumping my chest out. I would suggest you bag those profits monday morning for we will head down next week. Look for a better entry later on.

    Plus the leadership to the upside is way less than previous rallies/bounces. If you look at whats going on most of thae action has been in the biggest winners previous to the recent decline.

    Next week is the end of the quarter and many of the big guys are trying to do their normal fluff for the quarterly statement.

    By buying RIMM, GRMN, BCSI, AAPL, BIDU, CROX, VMW and so on.
    Just part of the typical WallStreet B.S. That way when people get their 401K updates showing the top 10 holding and go to look at the charts on yahoo finance. They will think wow my broker is brilliant even though my my statement is down 15% plus.

    It amazes me how so many people with 401K accounts get duped by the shiny cover of B.S.

    Sorry BnB some of my post was irrelevant to your thread. :D
  3. From a person who said he did not know how to trade weeks ago and pleaded for a mentor, your calls are about as meaningful as saying you learned how to ride your tricycle without training wheels...

    And you are still trying to sneak in your "Company" and your youtube and backdoor your services, I see. I was the one who notified the moderators to pull your thread.
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    I was also bullish last week!
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    Nice call if you made it. IMO we have a bit more upside, then I'm gonna get flat and probably start picking up some puts because I think come late Sep or October, we get at least a retest of the lows. There's more bad news potentially out there, the market thinks it has discounted everything but I think there's a 2nd wave of negative news as consumer stocks, mainstream lenders etc start to take a hit.

    There's also the fact that I think it's unlikely we get a sustained move into new highs whilst the housing issue is percolating through into earnings and economic figures. So you can have a fairly limited and defined risk if you pick up puts or go short on a rally higher.
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    LOL. Yeah he was bullish last monday. That means his call was worth 750 to the downside and about 875 to the upside leaving him with a whoping 125 upside call. Jeeesh .... Where do I sign up? I love signing up with new companies that blew their acount out a few times recently and then found the holy grail to make me rich.
  7. bullz and bears a month ago you were (and still are) a total noob who couldn't make money. You you have it all figured out? Also please stop trying to promote your services.
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    You have no room to talk since your a fraud in the same camp as BnB.
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    I would have fucked Jenny MacCarthy when I met her if she'd pulled her pants down and asked me too, but she didnt so neither did I. Did you go long?
  10. No fraud stuff here boyz.. Just opinion and expression :)

    PS: Stocking_Trader, yes , I have figured it all out.. Well, some of "it".
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