I called a few folks up and got the scoop on credit lines.

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  1. So far from several small business in the community they are not having any issues with lines of credit.

    I also talked to someone at Chase and they seem fine, no issues in terms of meltdown etc..

    Someone at a Jaguar dealer, business is still good for repairs,parts and auto sales. No issues..

    GE is still doing business as usual as well according to some folks I called up.

    Something gives, I smell a rat here.

    I forgot, People are still going to Best Buy and buying things like Flat screen TV's Mall parking lots still seem well populated as well.
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    Where do you live? At least the general area.
  3. Jaguar dealer in my areas went belly up long time ago.

  4. I also spoke with a Chevrolet deler I worked for in the 90s, they mannager is still there.

    He said they were needing more cash down to get the loan under book but they were still getting deals done.
  5. The ones here went broke about a year after Ford started making their cars. Imagine Ferrari built in the USA by Saturn... same thing.
  6. Jag's were CRAP before Ford bought them. Utter junk.
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    I hear a lot of Hummer dealers have trouble getting floor financing and their customers are having their McMansions foreclosed.

    Bad news for *sshats. :D