I call bulllshit on NoDoji.

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  1. I may be fumbling over myself, but i like to stand away from the crowd of asskissers

    a. You know, at first, Her posts seemed legit,
    after awhile I started noticing all her posts were "after the fact" posts, as in , I made $500 today, *blotter*
    $50 today, shorting on the higher high of POT, then $75 made today longing AAPL from the bottom
    *after the fact*

    b. I noticed some people mentioned her real time posts, like volente, which I respect as a legit trader, so I looked at her real time trade posts, must have been max like 6 trade posted this year, 4 breakevens, 2 profits.

    c. Her theories, Higher high, and Lower low, Sounds great at first, does not really work in intraday.

    d. She bought "Citibank" in her retirement fund
    NoDoji 04-19-10 08:41 AM
    Bought C in the IRAs this morning, holding till retirement

    -> on the top lol. -25% from the top. Probably not retiring anytime soon.

    e. aneketoden relation aka fraud and mexican truck driver spammer


    f. Her journal
    I read it over, I didn't even see one revelation in it.

    g. No losing days,
    She never loses a day, Which is almost impossible to believe,
    but I see whats his face, otckrak mentioning this?
    I thought to myself, the girl is trading ES and CL and doesn't lose a day?

    i. She trades POT and makes money consistently everday,
    thats insanely strange, because its not even specialist actions anymore, higher highs and higher lows do not WORK on pot ****every single day*****

    j. Her theories while sounding very legit, they sound like they "work",
    but I never used any of her methods before, such as 20 ma, or others, bearish candle under the 20ma, or higher high , lower low,
    quite frankly higher low rarely holds.

    h. her profitable trades posted on the ES , were 2 point gains ON the ES.
    Now how do you convert a 2 point taking mindset, into
    a 50 point gain $5000 gain on ES , thats just 2 different mindsets.

    i. IMO , it could be 2 sim accounts.

    I call bullshit. She offering seminars now?
  2. NoDoji,
    Are you Anektoden in disguise?
    Cause I remmeber him creating quite an elaborate scheme to reel in idiots from truck driver to $100k ES days *after the fact blotters* just like you.

    He created "SusanaDT" which was also a struggling "Female" trader.
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    I am a fan of a few people here on ET, they don't know it but I have sorted out a few posters that I trust.

    Nodoji isn't one of them, but I don't recall her ever saying she was some sort of guru or anything like that, she doesn't seem to be selling anything, yet anyway, or trying to stand out as a great trader. She seems to be just one of the man faces in the crowd. She could be lying, but I don't see the point if she was, and I don't see the point of this thread either.
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    WOW !!!!!!!!!!!

    Her daytrading thread was closed.DNK.

    Did not know was no longer trading. I guess market claimed another one.

    I notice a lot of people are no longer trading. That’s sad :(

  5. I'm one of those guys who loves to spot fakes.
    Can be wearing a fake gucci bag, and I'd be pointing it out.
    Can be a girl wearing white makeup on her face, but forgot to makeup her neck, you can be damn sure I'll be pointing that out.
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    You're welcome! Nothing was more helpful to me than watching Greg Capra and Oliver Velez a few times on-line trading live and talking about what they were doing and why. I saw successful trades, trades that were exited early because of certain price action, and how tight you can place stops when you're patient and wait for a proper entry zone. “



    I watched an Oliver Velez live trading demonstration in which he scaled into a "loser" as it pulled back to the TL. On one trade he began taking profits as the trend resumed in the direction he expected. In another trade he felt the price action had weakened and he closed out the position for a small loss.

    I found it odd that he was scaling in to a long position as price continued down rather than waiting for confirmation of support at or near the TL."


    I learned a lot from watching Oliver Velez and Pristine's Greg Capra trade live on-line, explaining their setups, their tactics, their stop loss placement, etc.


    I attended a couple of Oliver Velez' free webinars and they were a superb lesson in using candlestick patterns to read the footprints of crowd behavior and project quite accurately the direction the crowd will run next (continuation of trend or reversal).
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    I only post real time trades in CL Redux because I want to trade smart like the guys on that thread and I thought posting in real time with stops and possible targets would keep me disciplined. I don't post many real time trades any more, especially if I'm trading both stocks and futures.

    I don't spend my days in chat anymore either, same problem, too distracting while I'm watching my futures charts.

    I did visit chat not long ago in the afternoon because I rarely trade in the afternoons, but saw a great R:R setup on POT and in fact called the entire trade with entry, stop and target and exited near my target 10 ticks from the pivot low of the move, because the way I trade has a statistical edge. Robert Weinstein, Geez, Jess, Jegnyr, puddles, thinkfirst and I'm sure several others were there to witness it.

    They work very well as Geez journal proved (he made a 140% return in 2009 using it). BUT they have to be with the trend and work best during the opening 2 hours.

    d. She bought "Citibank" in her retirement fund
    NoDoji 04-19-10 08:41 AM
    Bought C in the IRAs this morning, holding till retirement

    -> on the top lol. -25% from the top. Probably not retiring anytime soon.

    I bought in premarket and attached the blotter of one of our 4 IRA's to show that I closed out the trade the same day because I didn't like the way it acted above 5.00 and chose to take profits and re-visit later.

    I've had losing days this year.

    Friday, the ES had 5-min bars bigger than the range of most days over the past few months.

    I have no interest in offering seminars; there are plenty of excellent ones available all over the place, many of which got me to where I am as a trader.

    Also, I have no obligation to offer analyses of charts, trades or markets. I have no obligation to call trades live. I have no obligation to anyone on this site.

    I don't know Anekdoten, but his holy grail thread is awesome.

  8. Coolweb, You

    A. Need to get a life, and stop worrying about other's post.
    B. Pick up a different hobby other than spotting whos fake and whos not, because it seems like you have waaay too much time on your hands.
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    I believe in NoDoji. Her way of trading is fundamentally sound and scientific, though it is not as easy to copy as one would think . It takes a lot of painstaking effort and maturation. It may take some people 5 to 10 years or more to finally develop this kind of skill, but She managed to master it within such a short period of time because she is focused and dedicated and smart besides working hard. She got the performance that is the envy for most people but she earns it.
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    So does she also work for Al Brooks? You can't just cherry pick stuff that fits into your little theory.
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