I buy goosd stooks that go up

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  1. Wikipedia definition


    There is no exact definition. It is generally assumed that problem grading uses software of some sort to execute complicated trades that would be very difficult without software.

    I don't understand the point of getting into a flame war over a definition that can be answered though wikipedia
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  2. basis


    Should I laugh or cry at this?
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  3. Laugh.


    Because he is willfully ignorant.
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  5. dealer


    Getting back to the assertions that you've repeatedly made. how exactly do fundamentals come into play? I was involved in designing program trading and stat arb algorithms in the early 1990's and yet I'm bewildered by your comments. Clearly I have much more to learn....
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  7. http://www.cyclesman.com/s&p_5028.gif

    Earnings have increased at the same rate of the rise of the index, therefore resulting in a stable historic PE ratio of about 18
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    and the connection with program trading is? :confused:

    you may be able to impress your frat boy buddies by throwing about fancy terms like program trading (not that it's particularly fancy) but you are a little out of you league here.....
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  9. He's trying to show that indices are based on fundamentals...now he's jumping to something else he's wrong about and is trying to justify. :D
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  10. pdwst33


    He really should just stop....and focus on his marvelous portfolio. But he won't...

    I wonder if he's buying today's giant dip. Haven't heard a peep about that have we?
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