I buy goosd stooks that go up

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  1. Still on paper..within a month I plan to sell most my AAPl and Chap. Until then' ive been adding to my portfolio. One day I'll sell, but just not now.

    This is a great bull market. the 2000 selloff is behind us. The dotcom bubble is behind up. It a new era.

    The markets are making up for lost ground. now may be the best time to be long. And I reiterate; the best way to make money is just go long. No need over complicate by overtrading.

    Best luck guys.
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  2. you still think program trades i.e BASKETS trade off fundies? if you do, please tell me when you trade, I will take the other side 200% of the time!
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  3. Look at the chart of the S&P...there have always been fundies and program traders.

    When S&P companies beat the numbers..fundies buy..the S&p goes up..the market goes up. Isn't it obvious?
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    The market goes up when there is more buying than selling. That is the only way for anything in the market to go up. A company could have the best fundamentals and have $1 million EPS every quarter and a multiple of .001 but if no one buys their stock then it isn't going anywhere.
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  5. Stock, do you even know what a program trade is?
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    This stuff is so cliched and simplistic it will be the death of you one day....

    what's next re-quoting Peter Lynch's "Buy what you know" as if it's that simple. The fact that you have convinced yourself already that a one sided mindset toward the markets is "simple" proves you won't last too long.
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  7. Trades executed by software

    Market down, but goog and aapl are up

    not bad

    Looks like google finally broke 513
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    wow. Program trading is "trades executed by software." I think the word of the day here is "simplistic" and that just sums up this entire post.
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  9. yikes, can I buy program trading "software" at my local staples? I might as well just hit my easy button and then I can sling 'em around with the big boys! Stock you are priceless with you're mkt intellect
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    Exact definition or not....if you actually read that wikipedia definition you wouldn't come to the conclusion that program trading is driven by fundamentals.
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