I buy goosd stooks that go up

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  1. Quite the opposite. I've never posted a link to my own websites or blogs so I don't profit in any way from my advice. I criticize those who offer lousy,misguided advice while trying to peddle goods like TraderTim (tradertim.blogspot.com) and stockpickr (stockpickr.com)

    I've had some bad recs here like AMR.
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    Okay fine, I apologize for that inappropriate description of you then. I still say who cares though.
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  3. I'm still waiting for someone to offer a better explanation than mine as to the long term driving factor of indicies. Historically is has been earnings growth.
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    My point is, if guys on here are relying on stock picking services and bloggers for stockpicking advice, then perhaps they should reconsider being professional traders in the first place.
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    You must be eternally happy. your win-loss record rivals SAC

    how does it go?

    even a broken clock is right twice a day?
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  6. Unlike some traders *cough*tradertim*cough* I have the broken clock beat. My only blunders have been AMR, TIE, and HANS which were lousy recommendations.
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  7. i wonder if stock_trad3r would like to post an 07 account statement of his gains this year to bury the bs about him. Numbers dont lie.

    I'd post a statement, but im embarrassed. :eek:
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  8. Stock: here is you're credibility on this site; you actually had such a beef with ta......you said program trades trade off fundamentals!you are a newbie. pure and simple... you and eqt trdr are the biggest putz's that post here... anyone that starts a thread to being up 40% when you state you had 2 stocks that doubled... get real...you are a big time putz
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  9. The indicies are driven by fundies..has anyone refuted me? No.

    I am open to alternative viewpoints, but so far no one has provided an argument otherwise.

    Aslo this is an open forum. If I want to post about my recommendation, I'm technically allowed to.
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    well, after the first couple of pages i stopped reading this thread and jumped to the end to post this becasue i have one question for the OP:


    congrats on your gutsy buy & hold strategy. now, heres the one question i have for you ( i apologize if its already been covered in this thread elsewhere)...........drum roll.........here it is..........

    have booked your gains or is it still on paper?

    you haven't made a dime until the sell the stock.
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