I buy goosd stooks that go up

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  1. I have no clue when the market is gonna turn. It could be tomorrow or in a few months. Nor do I know bow big of a reversal it will be.

    But I do have plans for my individual stocks. For example, I plan to liquidate my Hans and Tie by the end of this month since they haven't gone up much.

    I also plan to liquidate 1/2 my CHAP and 1/2 my AAPL by the one year mark which will be in a month. I've made pretty big gains with those and its time to scale back. AAPL has surged from just $10 five years ago to 120. CHAP traded at $20 two years ago..

    GOOG is worth holding on longer and it tends to perform well regardless of external market conditions.

    GS, RIMM, MA, BIDU, still have lots more upside potential and I can weather I market reversal by just buying dips.
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  2. trendo


    RE: "goosd stooks"
    In other words, you like to trick people and manipulate them into giving you attention.
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  3. I would hardly call that manipulation.
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  4. You're clearly not smart enough to manipulate anyway. I'm on your side with that one. :D
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  5. So far, so good today

    I'm thinking of adding more DDM

    The bashers and bears are running out of ammunition
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  6. I am neither a basher or a bear, but I can stay solvent much longer than you can remain long only!
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    Stock trader, you are the very definition of "brutal." One of the posters said it best when he stated "Just no one cares." That's the bottom line. Win, and win stealthily..why waste time posting on these boards and bragging to underlings like me? And you may want to consider rolling some of your profits into an English composition book, as you could really benefit from it.
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  8. Well, he's definitely a tool.
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  9. Yeah, it's easy to claim victory when you don't make(or lose) any money by not buying(or selling) anything. :p

    Remember when:

    You thought you had made gains when you actually hadn't even sold the stock and thus didn't qualify to consider a gain to have been made on anything but paper?

    Said that the "indexes" trade mostly on fundamentals and then shied away from that when a few posters pointed out how retarded you are?

    Complained about GOOG being the worst stock ever and said you were going to make an advocacy(my word, you've never used a word so large) webpage demanding that the company have better IR?

    Yeah, that was fun huh? :p
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    Stock trader...you remind me of someone who is trying to start a lame "Stock picking" service by advertising your bland strategies on this message board. You picked the wrong place. Most people here are much to savvy for your elementary b.s. Try another forum please. I receive "Don't miss the boat" emails from guys like you who hype their winners. Isn't it amazing that they never lose!? Not even once? Yet they can't type in proper nor coherent english...sure, where do I sign up?
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