I buy goosd stooks that go up

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    Again this is a TRADING site.

    If you think buy & hold is actually trading then you have a lot to learn.

    As a trader I need to make better than "average" returns. Some years are better than others. Last year I made 130% trading, This year so far it's 34%. And for the record, even in an uptrending bull market one can make $$$ shorting, which many here seem to not grasp.

    But your posting the same nonsense about buying AAPL & GOOG gets real old.
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  2. If McDonald's pays you on Friday, like they do stock_turder, then you should buy DDM apparently. If you don't have unlimited (imaginary) money to just keep buying then you'll have to figure out another plan...like actually trading.

    I've deduced that stock_turder is sitting around cheering for about $80k in gains over the last year or so...it's really quite funny when you realize he's probably sitting around eating cheeseburgers thinking he's a rich genius, all for $80k in "gains" he's only made on paper. :p
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  3. This is just another "bring me your finest meats and cheeses" thread.
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  4. HotTip


    Ahh, a Mr. Market reference. Whatever happened to that hairy fat bastard?
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  5. In stock_turder's case it's more of a "supersize that order" thread since he owns all of 30 shares of GOOG and 100 of AAPL. :p
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    Sorry to burst your bubble, but 40% really isn't anything to be bragging about. Especially when any moron with a 401(k) made 25% doing the same thing.

    No one argues that you were "right". It's just that no one cares.
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  7. Stock: I have a serious question here. Since you have only been buying since 2003 and the market has been in an uptrend through you're entire 4 year "career" what do you plan on doing when the market turns? Do you not think the market goes down? Do you buys puts? Have you ever shorted before? I just would like to have an general idea of you're "plan" during a bear market. There are not as many "goosd" momentum stocks to buy and hold during a corrective phase.
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  8. Look at this picture, you think this guy worries about anything besides cheeseburgery goodness? :p
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  9. [​IMG]

    Refresh it for more images. haha....
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