I buy goosd stooks that go up

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  1. I admit the positions I took out originally in 06' (and still own today) TIE, CHAP, AAPL, GOOG, HANS were risky and not the smartest move, but it worked. Yes the rally bailed me out, but I expecteded the market to rebound, which is why I made it clear that I was holding. The selling was simply irrational. The fed wasn't going to keep raising rates. $70+ oil was too high. The fundamentals such as earnings were stronger than ever.

    I probably wold have been better off investing in a strong ETF like DDM instead of Hans, but overall with the expection of Hans my other four picks went up. AAPL and HANS more than doubled so I consider the case study to be a success.
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  2. Thing is though bro, one day good ole' Tim will be right. We all better be ready to swing 180* degrees around that time.

    But until then.. as far as I am concerned... I still in love with zero risk markets with 100% up room to go.

    Good trading to you and everybody else here.
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  3. Shit for brains...you never made a cent because you haven't sold anything. That's the biggest joke about you, you're stupid enough to think you've made money without selling anything.

    Seriously, you don't know the most basic premise of investing. And you've more than once mentioned a stock target based on what Cramer said which makes you second fiddle to captain douchebag himself.

    And who could forget your classic "indexes(sic) are mostly based on fundamentals" bullshit which means you haven't a fucking clue what moves the markets. :p
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  4. Why should I sell when my stocks keep going up? Or are you suggesting I close all my positions at the end of the day and buy them back again the next morning? That wouldn't be such a smart idea, but that probably explains why your such a successful trader.
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  5. I'm still wondering what "goosd stooks' are?
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  6. And no one provided a substantive argument showing otherwise. Trading programs based on technical patterns trigger minor intra-day fluctuations but there is very strong statistical correlation between increasing growth and the rise of the S&P 500.
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  7. A deliberate typo. I find that people are drawn to typos as they always want to point them out, so I figured that the thread would get more readers if I inserted some on purpose. It got your attention.
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  8. I'm suggesting you're retarded to "log" gains that you haven't made. You're a moron to claim to have beaten anything without actually having had played the game everyone else plays. It's like a kid who can make 12 free throws in a row telling Shaq he sucks...you're simply 12 eggs short of a full dozen. :p
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  9. Okay one of great wisdom....thankfully ET is blessed with your great knowledge......so what should i buy tomorrow......are you in touch with the spaceship ? Oh tell me great one.....what should I do ? :confused: :confused: :confused:
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  10. I recommend DDM
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